Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm dreaming of a whiiiite new year!

My blog post here is in large part inspired by Geoff of Radwaste's happy Christmas post which links to Dame Edna's Christmas message. The Dame ends of in customary style "I wish all of my possums..." blah blah blah "...a very wet New Year." Apt, given, as Geoff points out, this Christmas was the coldest in Radwaste recorded history, and in my personal memory.

A white Christmas at Mt Donna Buang in Victoria. Photo: James Boddington In Melbourne and Adelaide people were lighting fires on Christmas eve! We thought about lighting one where we were in rural SA too, but we convinced ourselves it must be against the law to do it in December out there. It turns out that parts of Australia even got a white Christmas to rival the ones we all see in the Christmas cards based on the midwinter yuletide of Europe.

Hilarious, given all the dire predictions of continued El Niño and an exceptionally hot and dry Aussie summer to break the hearts of those already hit by drought.

In other news, while I was in Hong Kong apparently my CEO – yes one of those guys who is supposed to be pragmatic and hungry for success and increased revenue at all costs – announced that he would like all of us in the company to be able to earn enough to live in an environmentally sustainable manner. Essentially, one of the most important ideas to come out of 2006 is that global warming and global climate change are real and really happening.

Okay, okay, the Aussie weather anomalies are apparently due to a weakening El Niño event, which has no agreed scientific cause, but logic be damned, it feels weird! And if it inspires action from Al Gore, Rupert Murdoch, Richard Branson and my CEO then it has to be a good thing. Then bring on the snow for new year's eve please!

So, instead of the usual near-platitudes, let me wish you all a 2007 where you and I really do something to tackle this problem instead of just thinking about it...

But it doesn't feel right without the wishes of love, joy and peace to the world... Thanks to you all who blogged with a heart this year... and thanks for reading and commenting here too!

Sunset in Hong Kong, thanks to Mish

Mt Donna Buang photograph by James Boddington; Hong Kong sunset photograph by Mish
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