Sunday, April 02, 2006

I can't see Uluru — there's a big rock in the way!

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia Sometimes the best jokes are simply real life stories. I feel disappointed that I'm not regularly posting to this blog, but I hope you'll forgive me for using this to help keep it alive until I make blogging a routine instead of an ad hoc activity.

Courtesy of the best news service in Australia, the ABC – despite Helen Coonan's new attempts to castrate it – comes a story of a tourist lost in his own country:
A drink-driver has stopped police in central Australia to ask for directions to Uluru, just 100 metres from the world's greatest monolith. Police say the 44-year-old New South Wales man was driving a four-wheel drive when he waved them down near an intersection close to Uluru... ...the man's headlights were shining on the rock itself... ...although the incident took place in the dark, Uluru is 340 metres high and it is a 10 kilometre drive around its base. It casts an imposing shadow over the flat landscape around it...
Let's not forget 500 million years of evolution has led to the creation of this man. One wonders if it is possible that the universe is naturally designed to start reversing processes that start to get out of hand!

Image of Uluru courtesy of Jens Hültman.
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Blogger Anthony said...

Good to see you back Sarah! I've been checking daily, only to always be greeted by Cheryl Kernot!

That's a funny story. I find it amusing too that a drink-driver pulled the police over.

April 03, 2006 9:55 am  
Blogger Lisa said...

Thanks Anthony! But believe it or not I really do use my real name to sign these posts - I'm Lisa :)

April 03, 2006 9:59 am  
Blogger Anthony said...

I now feel like a complete dickhead. Actually, I think I've gone red.

Sorry Lisa! I usually check your blog and Sarah's blog at the same time (as I did this morning)... That's what I'm gonna blame the mistake on. I'm sorry. I hate people getting my name wrong, so I feel particularly bad.

April 03, 2006 10:22 am  

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