Sunday, September 18, 2005

What happened to Chen Yonglin?

Chen Yonglin, former Chinese diplomat in AustraliaI wonder what's happened to Chen Yonglin now he has his protection VISA? We were trying to find a picture of him on the web (really just for the purposes of observing his hair more than anything politically charged) but could only find a few on Flickr and one (shown right) on a stray NineMSN news article linked from the Wikipedia article on him...

Has Google colluded with the Chinese government again to avoid returning hits on his name!? I know for a fact there were several pictures on ABC News online (and those articles don't disappear but remain archived at their unique link). Even a search at ABC News online couldn't seem to turn up any pictures of him (although I didn't scour the list thoroughly)... Still, this kind of search should be easy... Now I'm sounding paranoid!

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