Saturday, September 17, 2005

Latham diaries fallout

Mark Latham, former Australian Labor Party leaderSo is Mark Latham just a really poor loser and a 'bad sport'? Perhaps yes. But it doesn't mean that the Labor party isn't sick. And it doesn't mean that all the guys he targetted for his criticisms don't deserve this. The freshly-released journals are just highlighting practices within politics which the average person already suspects happen. Unfair and mean-spirited as it may have been, it seems like Latham himself was not always treated fairly so let's look beyond the personal issues to the 'Australia' issues....

To me, the main value to come out of all this is that Kim Beazley will have to work extra hard to maintain credibility, as will the Labor party as a whole. So thank you Latham! Thanks for giving 'em a kick in the pants that they can't just ignore and make some half-arsed response to.

I can't help but be satisfied with the way Julia Gillard handled it. She didn't make any mistakes, but most importantly she said that even if Latham's comments were blunt backstabbings the Labor party should take the criticisms seriously to improve and revitalise the party (my paraphrasing). Frankly, if the Labor party can do this, everyone will appreciate it!

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