Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Costello budget 2007: Will he add a stripe of green?

In the lead-up to Costello's May 8th, election year budget speech, Greenpeace is asking you to guess how many times you think he'll mention climate change (if at all), given he's never mentioned it since he started doing budgets eleven odd years ago.

Given the fact that Australia is still the world's largest exporter of coal, he may just be able to manage it once or twice with a spin towards keeping Australia beautiful while still keeping our coal mines alive and exporting to China – or whichever poor country it ends up in.
Sure the ice has been breaking up, but we just thought that too many penguins were pecking at it.[source]
In related hilarity, last week a video of "Costello's other budget speech" was released on YouTube, which might help you decide on your answer to Greenpeace's question. Bob Brown would be a deeper shade of green with envy! Good luck striking the right balance on the 8th, Peter!

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